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Milk Peel Treatment

Improves the overall look of the skin providing radiance and shine by mildly stimulating the skins epidermis

The Beauty Institute uses the Dermaceutic milk peel treatment range. This superficial chemical peel uses a  mild formula that is suitable for all skin types.  


What is a milk peel? 

This treatment is applied to the skin to improve the appearance of fine wrinkles, fine lines around the mouth and under eye Areas. It is an effective treatment for   sun damaged skin, age spots, large pores, regulates oily skin and benefits some forms of mild acne.



This gentle treatment uses a mild formula applied to the face which is completely painless. Your face will be cleansed, the peel will be applied and left for a few minutes before being removed from your skin.


What to expect

You will feel rejuvenated after your first treatment however you may require 3 treatments before you will feel the full effects.

After your course of treatments you will discover a marked improvement in your appearance. Your skin will feel radiant with a  healthy glow and improved complexion