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You will be asked to complete a patient information booklet which will include questions concerning your medical history, allergies, expectations and consent. This will usually take about twenty minutes to complete and will remain confidential. Pre and post treatment photographs will be taken and kept with your client file, they may also be used for advertising purposes with your consent to do so.

How long does the treatment take?

After your free consultation, and when you are confident to proceed, your treatment session will typically take about thirty minutes. If local anaesthetic cream is used, you will need to add a further thirty minutes on to this time to allow the cream to work to its optimum effectiveness.

Does it hurt?

During your treatment, Belotero is injected using a very small needle or cannula. The Beauty Institute provides local anaesthetic cream to numb the injection site, additionally The Beauty Institute uses HA filers with an anaesthetic which reduces any sensation of pain. By design, Belotero reduces discomfort due to its optimal tissue integration properties.

Your Personalised Treatment Plan

All Dermal filler treatments are conducted by a qualified, registered practitioner who is fully insured, trained in facial anatomy, aesthetic and cosmetic procedures.

Your aesthetic practitioner will select from either the softer HA filler product for fine lines or more volumising options to replace lost tissue and rebuild facial volume with proportioned curves and contours.

How Will You Feel During & After Treatment?

During treatment your skin is cleansed then numbed with a local anaesthetic cream before small amounts of product are injected into the area using an ultrafine needle. This will result in minimal discomfort for you. Because Belotero integrates so readily into your own tissue, you are unlikely to feel a difference in the treated area compared to your untreated areas.

Treatment Results

Yes, you will notice your aesthetic results immediately after treatment. As all of our treatments are non-surgical and less invasive than surgery, you can return to your normal daily activities as soon as your treatment session is completed.

Side Effects

No preliminary allergy test is required as all of the filler products used at The Beauty Institute are based on hyaluronic acid which is a natural component of the skin.

You may experience some injection related reactions which may include; redness, slight swelling, itching and bruising with mild pain to the area being injected. These reactions are completely normal, can be mild to moderate and typically resolve within 2-3 days therefore you can return to your day to day activities straight away.

Any side effects lasting longer than 7-10 days, please contact you practitioner.

Following lip treatments, swelling may last longer – up to about a week. During this time your lip may look uneven, therefore the result directly after treatment should not be viewed as the final result.

As lidocaine (local anaesthetic) may be used, you must inform your aesthetic practitioner of any allergies especially to lidocaine before your treatment.

The Beauty Institute provides after care products for home use. They can be purchased for a small cost and include post treatment cards and a week’s supply of Arnica cream to help reduce bruising.

Your aesthetician will discuss your recovery and what to expect when you attend your consultation. Please don’t be afraid to discuss any concerns and ask your aesthetic practitioner as many questions as you like.