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The Beauty Institute will endeavour to protect your personal identifiable information (PII) , this includes clients names, addresses, medical history, & photographs.

We are aware that it is critical to ensure that security is applied to ensure client confidentiality is not breached, therefore at The Beauty Institute; all therapist are aware to detect any points where an individual’s data may have been compromised in the event of a breach. A personal data breach includes; a breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, and unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data. This includes breaches that are the result of both accidental and deliberate causes.

At The Beauty Institute all therapists are aware of GDPR compliance and in-turn all the team are  'data smart'.


We will not keep personal data longer than required by our individual insurers. If any data is kept longer than this period, it will be justifiable depending on the purpose of us holding the data. A strict policy setting standard retention periods (in relation to the individual therapists insurance requirements) will be adhered to, in order to comply with documentation requirements.

 The Beauty Institute will periodically review the data we hold, and destroy it when no longer needed.

We will either destroy your personal  data , delete it, or anonymise it.

At The Beauty Institute your 'Personal' data is stored offline, and this should reduce its availability and  risk of misuse.



We will always ask you to sign a consent form to enable us to use images, usually 'before & after' images for advertising purposes. We will NOT use full images of your face unless you agree to this. We will however store your full image of the treated area for insurance purposes on a password protected device that will not be left in areas accessible to the public.

The word ‘deletion’  in relation to electronic data:

At The Beauty Institute we recognise it is not always possible to delete or erase all traces of our data online. If we are required to delete your personal data, we will delete it from any back-up systems where possible.


 We will NEVER knowingly share your personal data with any other organisation unless it is for medical reasons with our insurers or our training advisers.